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Middle Road Project     2nd   Public Meeting Minutes            March 26, 2008

Skip Varney, Director of Parks and Public Works;
Jay Reynolds, Assistant Director of Parks and Public Works
Mike Millett, Millett Associates
Public Participants (7)

Skip Varney:  
Introductions, welcomed the public for attending the meeting.
Explained the steps taken since the previous meeting: the design work.
Mike Millett:   
Explained the reclaiming of the pavement, and that the proposed elevation of the road will
essentially be the same as the existing road grade.  Elaborated that there are lots of
drainage improvements proposed throughout the project area. Noted that there are new
sections of curbing proposed to direct drainage to the catch basins
Question as to what type of curbing is proposed: type and height?    Resp.: The proposal is to install asphalt vertical curb, which has a 6” vertical ‘reveal’ to it, as opposed to sloped curb.
What will happen to the driveway culverts?  As a result of the improved drainage system,
they will not be needed.  They will be removed as part of the project, and the ditch along
the east side of Middle Road will be filled in.  The drainage system and re-grading of the
right of way will improve the look as well.
Owner of #98 has a catch basin in the grass.  Is this staying?  Resp.:  Yes.  The only
change is that it may be lowered to help improve collecting the drainage.
Asked whether the proposed drainage will dry out his property?  Resp:  Although it won’t completely address any off-site groundwater/drainage issues, the new drainage system in the right of way will collect it better and act as an underdrain (to some extent), thus helping lower the groundwater impacts to some degree.
A comment on the two different molds of curb (vertical vs. sloped):  General comment was that the sloped curb is more forgiving, and in bike lanes with only 1 or 2 feet, this is helpful.  Vertical curb with narrow shoulders is not safe.  Resp.:  Commented that, with this design, the 5-foot shoulders will give ample room and allow for vertical curb.
What are the existing and proposed pavement and lane widths?  Resp.:  The existing condition is 14-foot vehicle lanes on both sides (with no bike lane), equaling 28 total feet.  The proposed condition is 11-foot vehicle lanes on both sides, with 5-foot bike lanes, equaling 32 total feet.
Is passing over a double yellow line allowed?  Resp.:  In certain situations, under state law, it is allowed.  There was in-depth conversation about how Maine state law was written with regards to this.  A homeowner had an incident where a motorist passed on the left while she was turning left into a driveway.
What is happening with the gravel driveway that goes nowhere (near the bridge)?  The plan is to narrow the entrance significantly, and provide a paved shoulder.  There was discussion as to its location, who owns the property that it is located on, and whether it’s needed.
Jay R.:
Mentioned that, according to the Town’s tax maps, the entrance services the lot owned by
#91 Middle Road.
Skip V.:
Noted that the Town would need that particular land owner’s permission to close it off.
Mentioned that his house, in the next phase of Middle road project, is close to or possibly within the right-of-way.  His inquiry was whether a layout has been done for this section.
Mike M.:
Mentioned that no survey work has been done yet, however, he anticipates collecting survey
data sometime in April.
Jay R.:
Mentioned that as the second phase gets under way with survey work, the Town will work
with the homeowner to accommodate this unique situation with the proposed road work.  
Being that the first phase is entirely expanding on the westerly side, the continuation of
that design may work out well (#17 is on the opposite side).
What is the timeline?  Resp.:  It is anticipated that the project will be advertised and bid in
April.  Once submittals, signed contracts, etc. are executed, a contractor could be on-site
at the end of May.
Can the public be notified when that timeline approaches?
Jay R:
Agreed that this is a good idea, and that he would send an e-mail or letter when
construction nears.
Commented that there is a concern with truck traffic, commuter traffic speed, and
narrower lanes.
Asked what the timeline for Ledgewood Drive is?
Skip V.:
Elaborated on other projects throughout the Town that are scheduled for 2008.  Because of these, and the budgeting cycle, Ledgewood Drive will be a 2009 project.
Skip V.:
Thanked everyone for attending and providing input, and adjourned.


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