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Falmouth Road Project            Public Meeting Minutes         March 19, 2008

Skip Varney, Director of Parks and Public Works;
Jay Reynolds, Assistant Director of Parks and Public Works,
Mike Millett, Millett Associates
Public Participants (9)

Skip Varney:
Introductions, welcomed the public for attending the meeting. Explained the Town policies regarding Bicycle/Pedestrian guidelines. Elaborated and showed the existing conditions plans generated by Mike Millett. Noted that the existing pavement width is 26 to 27 feet, the proposal, to create a safer bike pedestrian lane, would be to make the pavement width 30 feet.  Also, the striping would result in 11 foot vehicle lanes and 4 foot bike lanes.
Explained the proposed intersection changes at Winn and Falmouth Roads.  Specifically, the two turn lanes heading west, and the realignment of the right turn onto Falmouth Road (from Merrill Bridge).
Question whether the intersection realignment will restrict any turning movements?   Resp.: The proposal makes the intersection more of a T-shaped intersection, with more 90-degree turning motions.
Will this result in more or less pavement? Resp.: Less pavement.
Mike Millett:
Explained the existing conditions plans which show pavement, right-of-way, utility,
building locations, and so on.  He identified areas where drainage improvements are to be
done, as well as driveway apron improvements (the public had previously noted these prior
to the meeting).
The owner of #398 was pleased to see that the intersection realignment was finally going to
proceed.  He agreed that the proposal will be a much overdue improvement with regards to
traffic management.  Especially the Falmouth Road right turn motion.
Others mentioned that they have witnessed accidents, hitting the stop sign in the middle of
the intersection, in the past.
Are sidewalks proposed? Resp.: There is no policy or current plan that identifies sidewalks for this area, so, no.
How far back from the intersection do the two westerly lanes go?  Resp.:  They go back to roughly the parking lot entrance at Huston Park.
What will be the final signage at the intersection?  Resp.: Stop sign, not in the middle of the
pavement, on the right side.  Existing Yield sign heading up from Merrill Bridge will be
eliminated, as it will be a standard ‘T’ intersection.
Will there be any change to Leighton at Falmouth Road intersection?  Resp.:  The plan
keeps that intersection the same.  State crash data shows only 3 accidents in the last 4 years,
which is a low amount.
A concern about the stop sign being moved to the side of the road.  Will people see it and is
it adequate?  Mike M. suggested we look at the signage, and also mentioned that there will
be standard ‘stop bars’ painted on the pavement, as per any stopping area.
A concern about the left turn motion from Winn Road onto Falmouth Road.  Will drivers cut into the opposite/oncoming lane to ‘cut the corner’?  Mike M. will also look at this.
Mike M.:
Continued the existing conditions all the way to Leighton Rd.
Owner of #343 has large maples (4) in front of her house.  What will be the impacts?  Resp.:
None.  The work will not get into any root systems.
Will there be curbing?  Resp.:  Yes, there are areas where curbing is needed to divert runoff
to catch basins.
Will the curbs be asphalt?  The previous ones didn’t last long…  Resp.:  Yes, asphalt curb is
proposed.  Mike M. explained that as long as the curb is ‘backed’ with material behind it,
they stand a better chance.  The alternative is granite curb, which is more expensive than
What is the pavement width on Falmouth Road east of Leighton?  Resp.: 28 feet of
pavement, which consists of 11-foot lanes and 3-foot paved shoulders.
Is not convinced that the extra 2 feet is necessary.
Inquired whether speed bumps could be proposed.  Resp:  The discussion included raised
speed tables on Pleasant Hill Road.  There are positives and negatives with regards to these
Concern about the widening to 30.  Is it worth the extra 2 feet vs. the loss of the rural character?
Mentioned that he was a jogger and didn’t feel the extra foot would be necessary or any safer.
Skip V.:
Asked for a show of hands of who was in favor of 30 feet (4’ paved shoulders) and who was
in favor of 28 feet (3’ paved shoulders).
4 were for 28 feet.
1 was for 30 feet.
A few were undecided.
Who will make the final decision on the design?  Resp.:  The decision is made by all parties, including the public, through this process.  Based on the discussion, the design will start by showing a 28 foot road.
Reiterated concern about stop sign and asked if a rumble strip or curb island be installed at the intersection.  Mike M. to look at this closer.
What is the timing of the project?  Resp.:  This is still unclear, as there are a number of
factors.  One is the closure of Merrill Bridge during this summer, and the soccer
tournaments at Community Park.  Parks and Public Works staff will update the residents as
the project nears.  This will be done via e-mail or by a letter to the residents.  Updates on the
roadway design will also follow.
Skip V.
Also mentioned that the minutes and any other updates will be posted on the Town’s website (


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