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Recycling Committee Minutes 041409
Monday, April 14, 2009 4:00 PM

Call to Order  Committee members present and answering roll call:
        Sally Bitan, Kelly Fernald, Steve Hendry, Bill McMahon, Satoria Pelton
Non-Committee members present:
        Jay Reynolds, Bonny Rodden, Falmouth High School Environmental Action Committee
Item 1 Approval of Last Meeting's Minutes -- All
  • The meetings from the March 11, 2009 meeting were accepted.
Item 2  Celebration of Recycling Rate -- Bonny
  • Bonny brought sparkling cider and congratulated the committee on a recycling rate of 52% in March!  This is the highest rate of the ecoMaine member communities and exceeds our goal of 50%.
Item 3  Update on Regionalization -- Jay and Bonny
  • Jay gave updated dates for the RFP for the regionalization of trash and recycling collection:
        April 1, 2009    Submit to Towns and Haulers for Comment
        April 3, 2009    2nd Draft Comment Closing
        April 10, 2009  Issue RFP
        April 22, 2009  Pre-bid Meeting
        June 1, 2009   RFP Closing & Review Beginning
        July 1, 2009    Contract Award
        September 1, 2009   Contract Start Date
  • This puts the dates out farther than anticipated.
  • In light of these dates, the Town is working on a contract extension
  • Gorham will not be participating in the regionalization effort
Item 4  Update on Town Council -- Bonny and Jay
  • The Town budget was approved as is.  This includes the intent to adopt the proposed fee schedule.
  • The logistics of implementing the new fee schedule have to be worked out.
  • As the Town Council looks to reduce expenses to meet budget challenges, items were brought up for consideration that are of concern to the Recycling Committee.
  • Bonny will get more details from the Town Council on cost-saving goals for the Committee to consider so recommendations can be made.
Item 5  Corrugated Cardboard to ecoMaine -- Jay and Bonny
  • Falmouth has a grandfathered arrangement with ecoMaine concerning recycling of corrugated cardboard.  The Town takes cardboard that is compacted at the Transfer Station to ecoMaine outside of the normal recycling program.
  • In the past, when recyclable markets were better, the Town was paid for the corrugated cardboard so it was collected and delivered separately.
  • Currently, the Town has to pay ecoMaine to take the corrugated cardboard to cover the cost of having it recycled.
  • Prior to the Town having to pay for the cardboard to be recycled, the Town earned $1,600 over six months from this program.
  • The Committee discussed whether this program should be discontinued and all corrugated cardboard should be recycled through the silver bullets as in other towns.
  • The Committee decided to table voting on this item until the May meeting.
Item 6  Greening the Falmouth High School Cafeteria -- Falmouth High Environmental Action Committee
  • A group of students from the Falmouth High School Environmental Action Committee (EAC) attended the meeting to present their vision for a greener cafeteria at the high school.
  • The EAC presented a Powerpoint slide show outlining how they would like the cafeteria to become more eco-friendly, the benefits of implenting their vision, the steps they can take to make it a reality, some possible obstacles they may encounter, and some ways to address the obstacles.  Students spoke to each slide demonstrating the thoughtfulness and enthusiasm they bring to this project.
  • The EAC has visited Yarmouth Middle School which has implemented similar steps in their cafeteria with great cost savings and reduced waste.  A video of the Yarmouth Middle School visit was included in the presentation.
  • The presentation was very well done and well received by the Recycling Committee.
  • The Recycling Committee voted unanimously to support the group's plans.
  • Steve will write a draft letter of support and circulate it via e-mail to the Recycling Committee.  The letter will be given to the EAC to take with them as they meet with school and community leaders.
  • Bonny Rodden and Bill McMahon will attend a meeting with the EAC and the high school principal to voice support for the effort (Gary Glick to arrange).
  • The EAC is making plans to take their proposal to other school and community groups for support.
Item 7  Next Meeting Date
  • The next meeting will be Wednesday, May 13, 2009 at 4:00 PM at Parks & Public Works.
Item 8  Adjournment
  • The meeting was adjourned at 5:40 PM
Respectfully submitted,
Bill McMahon
Secretary, Falmouth Recycling Committee


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