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Recycling Committee Minutes 071408



Monday, July 14, 2008

5:00 PM

Roll Call           Present and answering roll call Steve Hendry, Bill McMahon, Satoria Pelton, Bonny Rodden, Skip Varney

Item 1              Silver Bullet Usage Surveys

Action is required.  Please read through and reply as soon as possible. 

The survey content and logistics for the silver bullet usage survey were finalized.  


People using silver bullets in Falmouth will be asked survey questions related to the reason for using the silver bullets and the origin of the material being recycled.  The survey will help the committee determine the primary users of the silver bullets and the reasons for recycling at the silver bullets.  This information will then be used in making recommendations on reducing the costs of hauling silver bullets. 


The silver bullet usage surveys will take place over two weeks.  The surveys will begin the week of July 28 (a curbside recycling week) and go through August 10 (a non-curbside recycling week).  Each week surveys will be taken on one weekday morning and afternoon, and one weekend morning and afternoon.


Surveys will be conducted at the silver bullets on Bucknam Road and at Hannafrod/Exit 53.


The surveyor will ask the survey questions of the recyclers and fill in the answers on the paper survey.  At the end of the survey the recycler will be given a pencil made from recycled newspaper.  (The survey was finalized at the meeting and is attached to this e-mail.)

There will be four survey time slots each week at each location for a total of sixteen survey time slots.  Each committee member is asked to sign up for two two-hour survey time slots.  Bonny Rodden and a Cumberland town councilor (sorry, don’t have her name) will also be taking two time slots each, this will cover the sixteen time slots. 

Then What

The data from the completed surveys will be compiled electronically and distributed to the committee prior to the September meeting.  The survey results will be reviewed at the September meeting and recommendations will be discussed. 

What Has To Be Done & When


·         Review the attached schedule for survey time-slots (Excel format). 

·         E-mail your preferences for time slots, including the entire distribution list (as soon as you can).  Bill will combine and coordinate the schedule to make sure all time slots are covered. 

·         If you are unable to open the attachment please let Bill know and the information can be sent in a different format. 

Prior to July 28

·         Bill will drop pencils off at Public Works

·         Bonny will drop manila folders off at Public Works

·         Skip will edit, print and make (double-sided) copies of survey;

·         Skip will create name tags for surveyors

Prior to Your First Survey Time (on or after July 28)

·         Surveyors pick up surveys, manila folders, name tag and pencils at Falmouth Public Works. 

·         Public Works is open M – Th 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM and Fri 7:00 AM – 11:00 AM. 

·         It would be helpful to let Skip know when you are coming by. 

Each Time Slot

·         Bring your own clipboard and pen for filling in surveys.

·         Wear your name tag. 

·         Take as many surveys as possible. 

After Each Time Slot

·         Place the completed surveys into the manila folder indicating the date and time period for the surveys. 

·         It would speed the compiling of data if the completed surveys were returned to Public Works as soon as possible after the time slot. 

·         If returning the surveys right away is not convenient they should be returned no later than Friday, August 22.    

Item 3              Agenda for September Recycling Committee meeting

·         Review results of silver bullet surveys and develop recommendations

·         Discuss other items for work plan

Adjourn           The meeting was adjourned at 6:15 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Bill McMahon

Secretary, Falmouth Recycling Committee


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