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Recycling Committee Minutes 112007
Meeting Minutes

Date: Monday, November 5, 2007
Present: Committee Members: Bonnie Anderson, Sally Bitan, Kelly Fernald, John Henson, Bill McMahon, Satoria Pelton, Skip Varney
Guests: Bonny Rodden (town councilor), Josh Olins (teacher Lunt School), Paul Rosenblum (teacher Plumer-Motz school), Gary Glick (teacher FHS)
Next Meeting: Monday, December 10, 2007 @ 5:00 PM, Falmouth Public Works

I. Recycling at Schools
A. Three teachers (Josh Olins, Paul Rosenblum and Gary Glick) attended the meeting to discuss recycling at the schools.
B. Lunt, Plummer-Motz and Middle School:
1. All schools except the high school will have 5 x 96 gallon recycling ‘wheelies’ for recyclables
2. Recycling bins will be placed in each classroom and, in Lunt and Plummer-Motz will be emptied by students. It is still undetermined whether the town will pay for the bins or whether the grant that Josh Olins has from FEF will be used to pay for the bins.
3. Custodial staff are being asked to handle recycling bins in common areas (halls, copy centers, etc.)
4. Each week the 96 gallon wheelies will be brought outside by custodial staff for emptying by Pine Tree Waste
5. Sue Palfrey (Middle School Assistant Principal) has been contacted to help organize recycling at the Middle School
6. What would help: Support from the principals to ask all students to participate in the recycling program.
C. High School
1. A silver bullet is located at the High School for recyclables.
2. Students that are members of the Environmental Action Committee empty recycling bins into wheelies, and the wheelies are dumped into the silver bullet.
3. Classroom bins are emptied approximately once each week and hallway bins (returnables) are emptied daily.
4. Paper has been recycled at the High School for 14 years.
5. Cleaning contractors also use the silver bullets for corrugated cardboard
6. An effort is underway to have kitchen materials recycled in the silver bullet as well.
7. The silver bullet is hauled (by City of Portland) once every 2 to 3 weeks.
8. The Environmental Action Committee would like to pursue other interests, but managing the recycling consumes most of their time.
9. What would help: Gary Glick would like recycling bins handled as part of the cleaning contract – Skip has been in touch with Topper West to pursue this option.


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