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Town of Falmouth, Maine
271 Falmouth Road
Falmouth, ME 04105
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December 2009 Agenda

December 9, 2009, 4:00 PM


I.   Call to Order

II.  Approval of June's and September's Meeting Minutes

III. Old Business
        a.  Vote on Corrugated Cardboard (if we have a quorum)
        b.  Any feedback from Green Ribbon? (Bonny gave me an update)

IV. New Business
        a.  Budget Cuts--Curbside Recycling is on the list again
                1.  How successful has the program been?
                2.  Has it saved any money (or neutral)?
                3.  What cost increases would we see if the recycling was added to the solid waste stream?
                        i.  # of bags would go up
                        ii. You'd pay for increased weight at ecomaine
        b.  In the recent The PORTAL, the schools outlined their 18 month targets.  Both the Lunt School and Plummer-Motz School listed "Continued emphasis on single stream recycling" as well as "Explore new school green initiatives"
                1.  What can we do to help?
                        i.   Talk with Principals--Offer help
                        ii.  Educational materials--provided by ecomaine
                        iii. Etc.
        c.  Is meeting time still convenient (Satoria can't make t his time for at least beginning of year)

V.  Continuation
        a.  Recruiting--Filling one to two spots/PowerPoint/Website bulletin
        b.  Website--Helpful website links added to Recycling page--Bring ideas
        c.  Eduation Programs?
        d.  Guest Speakers?
        e.  Next Meeting--January 13, 2010

VI. Adjournment


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