Middle Road Reconstruction
(4/14/10)  Middle Road construction will resume in mid-May.  Work to be completed is as follows: curb installation, final grading, loam and seed, mailbox replacements/relocations, final paving, striping.

(11/20/09)  Middle Road drainage, gravel, and first coat of paving was installed before the year's end.

(5/20/09)  The project was advertised for bidding in the Sunday paper on May 17, 2009.  The bid opening is scheduled for June 18, 2009.

(10/6/08)  Middle Road project will be 100% completed on or around 10/13/08.

(9/2/08)  The first coat of pavement and the new curb has been placed.  Final grading, seeding, etc., to be done the week of September 9th.
Final paving anticipated to be done the 3rd week of September.

(8/12/08)  The Middle Road Project, between Pleasant Hill Road and the Presumpscot River Bridge, will begin preparations for new pavement on Wednesday, August 13th.  This will involve removing (reclaiming) the existing pavement.  The anticipated project completeion is August 30th.

(6/23/08) The project has been awarded to Storey Brothers, Inc.  Construction will start Monday, June 30th.  The project area is between Pleasant Hill Road and the Presumpscot River Bridge.  Grinding, grading and paving is scheduled to begin August 4, 2008.

(4/30/08) The project was advertised for bidding earlier this month.  The contractors bid results will be received on May 8th.  

Notice of Public Meeting
Middle Road Project

February 1, 2008

Dear Resident:

The Town will be holding a public meeting on Wednesday, February 27th, at 6:00 pm at Falmouth Town Hall Council Room to discuss improvements to Middle Road.  Funding through the Town’s Capital Improvement Plan has been appropriated to improve our collector road network.
This includes Middle Road from the Presumpscot River Bridge to Pleasant Hill Road.  The second phase of the project, which is anticipated for 2009, is from Pleasant Hill Road to the Portland City line.

The meeting will discuss both phases, including existing conditions and possible design options.  

If you have questions or comments and cannot make the meeting, please feel free to contact either Skip Varney (svarney@town.falmouth.me.us) or myself (jreynolds@town.falmouth.me.us) by calling, writing, or e-mail.

Any input that you wish to provide is greatly appreciated.

12/26/07:  Preliminary survey of existing conditions is underway (between Pleasant Hill Road and Presumpscot River Bridge).  Public meetings will take place winter/spring of 2008, and Road Reconstruction will commence in summer of 2008.