October 16 Agenda Item 6
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Last Updated: 2013/10/8
Update on proposed railroad crossing upgrades along the Pan Am Railways line to maintain/create a so-called "Quiet Zone."

Town Council rules dictate that a public comment period would not be typically permitted with this type of agenda item, however, there will be a moition to suspend the rules to allow public comment. If the Town Council unanimously agrees to suspend the rules, public comment will be allowed.

ACTION: Council action is not anticipated.
In December 2011 the Council voted 7-0 to approve an order to authorize a supplemental appropriation of $130,000 from the unassigned fund balance for railroad crossing upgrades.

These funds would pay for improvements to four railroad crossings along the Pan Am Railways line in order to maintain/create a so-called “Quiet Zone” (QZ) in Falmouth.

In June 2012 staff gave the Council an update on the project and the Council affirmed its interest to install the proposed crossing upgrades and make the necessary notifications to the Federal Railroad Administration and other parties.

In October 2012 staff provided another project update and the Council re-affirmed the Quiet Zone direction.

Attached is a third update from Town staff, dated October 8, 2013.

Feedback is requested from the Council regarding the scope, funding and timing of the construction of this project.