September 23 Agenda Item 6
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Order to prohibit hunting (firearms and archery) on certain Town owned properties.

A public comment period will be included with this item (3 minutes).

ACTION: Council action is anticipated.
The Town Council acted on this matter on September 26, 2011. The action at the time was not recorded as a specific order but implied with the adoption of an ordinance amendment pertaining in part to hunting regulations. This order will clarify that former action in an official and distinct order. A copy of the order is attached.

The properties selected for no hunting are typically in higher density neighborhoods. The list of properties proposed for hunting restrictions are the same as those approved by the Council in previous action. There are some additional properties under consideration which are east of Middle Road. These properties currently have limitations on firearms but allow hunting by archery. The proposed order would also restrict hunting by archery. Larger open space properties in the western portion of Town are not being considered in the proposed order meaning hunting by firearms and archery will be allowed if the order is not amended by the Town Council.

The Town Manager will also present maps of the town at the meeting, such maps will describe where hunting by firearm and archery is allowed and prohibited.