July 22 Agenda Item 4
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Public hearing and order relative to a new victualer license for The Dockside Grill.

A public comment period will be included with this item (5 minutes).

ACTION: Council action is anticipated.
Handy Boat Service, Inc. will be opening a new restaurant at 215 Foreside Road. Starting on September 30, The Falmouth Sea Grill will become The Dockside Grill.

Chapter 8, Article IV of the Code Of Ordinances explains Food Service Establishments and municipal licensing requirements. A food service establishment definition according to the code: "Shall mean any permanent, temporary or mobile establishment where food or drink is prepared, served, kept or stored for consumption on or off the premises within the town, including but not limited to such establishments as a restaurant, caterer, buffet, lunchroom, grill room, lunch counter, tavern, dining room of a hotel or motel, coffee shop, cafeteria, sandwich shop, soda fountain, in plant feeding establishments, feeding establishments in private clubs, church feeding facilities, school feeding facilities, institutional feeding establishments, tearooms, theater refreshments stand, grocery store, meat market, retail bakery store, dairy produce store, delicatessen or any establishment where food is prepared, served, kept or stored for retail sale. Section 8-153 addresses licensing requirements: "It shall be unlawful for any person to operate a food service establishment within the town who does not possess a license granted by the Town Council and issued by the Town Clerk."
Copies of the applications are on file at the Town Clerks Office.

A letter of intent, the application and order are attached.