May 29 Agenda Item 5
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Last Updated: 2013/5/23
An update from the Conservation Commission on the invasives project, and a report from the Open Space Ombudsman on efforts to expand the Suckfish Brook Conservation Area.

A public comment period will not be included with this item.

ACTION: Council action is not anticipated.
The Conservation Commission's invasives subcommittee will report to the Council on the work they have done over the past year to educate residents about the problems invasive terrestrial plants pose to our natural environment. Open Space Ombudsman Bob Shafto will report on the work Falmouth Conservation Corps members have done to control invasives on town conservation land.

Mr. Shafto will also report on efforts to expand the Suckfish Brook Conservation Area into an abutting area in the city of Westbrook, including acquisition of additional bogland and new trails in the area.