April 22 Agenda Item 9
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Last Updated: 2013/4/18
An Order regarding the Budget Validation Referendum questions to be placed on the June 11, 2013 ballot.  

A public comment period will be included with this item. (3 minutes per person)

ACTION: Town Council action is anticipated.
The Budget Vailidation Referendum questions are attached.

Every 3 years, the voters shall consider continued use of the budget validation referendum process (BVR). On June 8, 2010 the Falmouth voters voted in favor of continuing the BVR. On June 11, 2013, the voters will have the opportunity to cast their vote whether they wish to continue the process for another 3 years.
 A "Yes" vote  retains the process for 3 additional years.
A "No" vote, discontinues the process ends its use beginning with the following budget year and prohibits its reconsideration for at least 3 years.