April 8 Agenda Item 8
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Consideration of endorsement of a protocol outlining procedures to be followed by the Greater Portland Economic Development Corporation (“GPEDC”) and its member communities, including Falmouth, for handling business location inquiries from within the Greater Portland region as well as for those from beyond the region.  

A public comment period will be included with this item. (3 minutes per person)

ACTION: Council action is anticipated.
The GPEDC was established in 2010 as a regional economic development corporation with the purpose to grow and develop a sustainable economy in the Greater Portland region using a collaborative approach. Falmouth is one of six municipal members, and is represented on the GPEDC Board of Directors by Theo Holtwijk, Director of Long Range Planning.

The GPEDC Board developed, and recently endorsed, a Handling of Prospects Protocol (“Protocol”) in order to work cooperatively and efficiently in responding to business investment prospects, ensuring optimum chances for success of the region. The GPEDC has requested that each member community endorse this protocol as well. The five other municipalities have all adopted the protocol as written.

On November 26, 2012 the Council sent the protocol to the Falmouth Economic Improvement Committee (FEIC) for review and comment. The FEIC recommended adoption of the protocol with amendments.

In response, the GPEDC recommended that all communities adopt identical language and that Falmouth submit a "side letter" to explain its suggested amendments, if the Council wishes to do so. The five other municipalities have all adopted the protocol as written.

Attached are the following documents:
  • Draft resolution, including the Protocol
  • Amendments proposed by the FEIC
  • Draft "side letter" to GPEDC Board
  • Background on GPEDC