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Town of Falmouth, Maine
271 Falmouth Road
Falmouth, ME 04105
(207) 781-5253

Town Council Meeting Agenda
March 27, 2013
Falmouth Town Hall
Council Chambers - 7:00 PM

Agenda Item
Roll Call
Council Attendance
Pledge of Allegiance
Public Forum
This is an opportunity for members of the public to address the Council on matters which are not scheduled for public comment at this meeting.
Order to approve the minutes of the February 11, 2013, Town Council Meeting.
Order to approve the minutes of the February 25, 2013, Town Council Meeting.
Order to authorize the Town Manager to execute a quit claim deed for Tax Map and Lot U45-005.
Item 2
Report from Council Committees and liaisons regarding updates on assignments.
Item 3
Report from the Appointments Committee and order relative to filling various vacancies on Boards and Committees.
Order to approve a supplemental appropriation in the amount of $35,534 from unassigned fund balance for capital expenditures at the Falmouth Memorial Library.
Order to transfer funds, in the amount of $1,200,000 from the Town's unassigned fund balance to the Falmouth Middle School capital reserve fund to the installation of a woodchip boiler.
Introduction by the Community Development Committee of a series of amendments to the Zoning and Site Plan Review Ordinance and the Code of Ordinances to replace the SB District on Route One with new Village Center Districts.
Forum by the Community Development Committee (CDC) regarding the proposed Route One Infrastructure Plan and Zoning Amendments.
The Council will conduct a Public Hearing and act on an Order regarding the Third Amendment of the Route One South Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District.
Order to schedule the Public Hearing for the referendum regarding the Route One South Infrastructure Plan in accordance with M.R.S.A 30-A § 2528 (5).
Introduction of an ordinance to amend the Code of Ordinances to create a new Land Management Committee which will elevate the current Land Management Team to a Council appointed committee by consolidation and replacement of the existing Falmouth Trails Advisory Committee (FTAC) and Open Space Implementation Sub-Committees (OSIC).
Order to approve a Memorandum of Understanding with Summit Natural Gas regarding the expansion of natural gas distribution system in Falmouth, Cumberland and Yarmouth.
Discussion and update regarding the 2012/2013 Town Council Work Plan.

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