March 27 Agenda Item 1 (c)
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Order to authorize the Town Manager to execute a quit claim deed for Tax Map and Lot U45-005.

ACTION: Council action is anticipated.
On September 13, 2010, a Tax Collector's lien certificate was filed in the Cumberland County Registry of Deeds creating a "Tax Lien Mortgage". After the Tax Collector's Lien certificate is recorded, the property may be redeemed within 18 months only by full payment of tax, interest, and fees. If the tax lien mortgage, interest, and costs have not been paid 18 months after filing of the tax lien certificate, the mortgage is automatically foreclosed and the right of redemption has expired. For the taxpayer to regain title to the property, all the taxes, interest and fees must be paid to date and a quit claim deed must be executed and filed at the Cumberland County Registry of Deeds.