January 28 Agenda Item 6
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Presentation and report from staff and Councilors Orestis and Farber regarding economic development initiatives and current and anticipated zoning amendments as they relate to suggestions submitted by resident and FEDC President Jonathan Berry.

ACTION: No Council action is anticipated.
During the Council discussion of the Ground Floor Tenant Area Limitation, the Council received several suggestions including a number from the Falmouth Economic Development Commission (FEDC - an association of Falmouth business people) in a letter (attached) from its president Jonathan Berry. At the direction of the Council, Town Manager Nathan Poore, Councilor Chris Orestis, Councilor Karen Farber and Community Development Director Amanda Stearns scheduled a meeting with Mr. Berry to discuss the aspects of his suggestions regarding the business environment in Falmouth, the Route One project and encouragement of economic growth (unfortunately, Councilor Farber was not able to attend the meeting but has subsequently offered input). The recommended Action Plan (attached) reflects FEDC’s suggestions and the subsequent meeting. The group concluded that a number of the suggestions the Council heard are already contemplated and under development by the CDC and staff, several can be included in the current development of the Route One project, and others may be more appropriate to consider at a later date due to time constraints and available resources.