January 14 Agenda Item 3
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Introduction of an ordinance to amend the Code of Ordinances that will move parks operations and maintenance from the Public Works Department to the Community Programs Department and to clearly assign the responsibility of open space management to the Community Programs Department.

ACTION: Schedule Public Hearing.
Several years ago, the Parks Division was moved from the Community Programs Department to the Public Works Department. This change occurred at the recommendation of the past Parks and Public Works Director who was reassigned from the former Parks and Community Programs Department. At about the same time, the Town was developing a substantial open space acquisition and management program.

The proposed change is to move the Parks Division back to Community Programs Department and to add open space management to the responsibility of this department. Open space management is currently managed by several departments including the Town Manager's office. The proposed changes will consolidate all parks and public lands management into one department. A more thorough explanation is attached.

Also attached is the Introduction memorandum and parts of the  amendment, such amendments to include changes in Articles III, IV and V (two categories of amendments in this Article). A final order will incorporate all amendments into one ordinance amendment.