January 14 Agenda Item 4
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Last Updated: 2013/1/9
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Last Updated: 2013/1/9
Order to adopt a policy regarding the memorialization and/or naming of Town owned property and facilities.

ACTION: Town Council action is anticipated.
A copy of an amended report produced by Councilor Teresa Pierce, Nathan Poore and Lucky D'Ascanio is attached. The amendments were created based on input provided by the Town Council at a previous meeting.

The Town Council reviewed this proposed policy on November 26. The version of the proposed policy presented that evening was an incorrect and dated draft document. The attached document is current and addresses all concerns raised by the Town Council. It is also in the form of a policy, per Town Council directive. It will be the 6th policy adopted by the Town Council. Other Town Council Policies may be viewed on the town's website at the end of the Town Council Rules.