Town Council Orientation Workshop
July 24, 2012
Falmouth Town Hall
Council Chambers - 3:00 PM

Agenda Item
Item 1
Welcome and introduction from Faith Varney, Council Chair and Nathan Poore, Town Manager.
Organizational Structure - Review significant policy documents, reports, and ordinances.
Financial Structure - Review several significant financial policy documents and reports.
Land Use - Review several significant land use policy documents, reports, and ordinances.
Review Town Council appointments.
Item 6
Review of workshop and meeting agenda policy, including how to add an agenda item, introduce an ordinance or amendment, and when the agenda is final and posted.
Item 7
Review of the e-agenda packets, including format and distribution.

Review Town Department Operations and Current Projects.
Review of Maine's "Right to Know" law - public information/records and Council Executive Sessions.
Item 10
Review the Maine Municipal Association Elected Officials Manual (a hard copy is available).
Item 11
Q&A with Jennifer Phinney, Director of Information Systems or her designee.
Item 12
General Discussion.