October 18 Workshop Agenda
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This is a Council Workshop to continue to discuss the Community Facilities project. The specific topic for this evening is a discussion of current and future Falmouth library space needs. A library building tour will start at 6:00 PM to be immediately followed by the Workshop. The meeting will be held at the Falmouth Memorial Library with TV tape delay.
The Falmouth Town Council will:
  • tour the library building,
  • review past and current space/engineering plans and reports prepared for the library board (as they pertain to future space needs),
  • review the space needs report from the library's consultant Nolan Lushington, and
  • determine whether there is any additional benchmarking data that should be obtained for the library (as it pertains to future space needs).
The public will be given an opportunity, through the Council Chair, to ask Mr. Lushington questions about his recommendations.

Note: Pursuant to the Council's draft process (see attached), there will be no discussion at this meeting of library location or specific facilities to house the library.

Attached are:
- Draft Council Process, October 12, 2010.
- Falmouth Memorial Library: Library Space Planning, Jay Lucker, 2003.
- Falmouth Memorial Library Consultant's Report, Nolan Lushington, Draft October 13, 2010.

Additional information on the Falmouth Memorial Library can be found on the Town's website - click here and scroll down to "Falmouth Memorial Library."