Town Council Special Meeting and Workshop Agenda
December 8, 2008
Falmouth Town Hall
Council Chambers - 7:00 PM

Agenda Item
Roll Call
Presentation and discussion about an Alternative Consolidation Plan for Falmouth Public Schools.
A presentation by John Duncan of PACTS on high priority projects and consideration of an order/resolution in support of the PACTS "High Priority Project" candidates.
Order regarding an amendment to Chapter 17, Traffic and Motor Vehicles, section 17-92, sub section D, of the Town Ordinances regarding parking on Andrews Avenue.
Order regarding language relative to a new Ordinance concerning the member terms of Boards, Commissions, and Committees.
Discussion and order for permanent appointment of a Municipal Reviewing Authority.
Order to approve the proposed Planning Board Rules of Procedure.
Public Hearing, Council discussion/review and an order for an amendment to the Tax Increment Financing District (TIF) Development Programs for the West Falmouth Crossing and Route One North and South TIFs.
FY2009 - 2010 Capital Improvement Program Budget Presentation
Presentation on work by staff on amendments to the current Code of Ordinances regarding street acceptance.
Presentation by Al Farris, Code Enforcement Officer, regarding current regulations for property maintenance and review of how other communities are addressing the issue of ill kempt properties.
Item 10 (Workshop)
Review future Town Council agendas.
Order to go into Executive Session pursuant to the Laws of Maine to discuss the possible acquisition of land, pursuant 1 M.R.S.A. § 405 (6) (C).
Order to go into Executive Session pursuant to the Laws of Maine to discuss negotiation parameters associated with the Teamsters Local 340 contract renewal, pursuant 1 M.R.S.A. § 405 (6) (D).