July 28 Agenda Item 9
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Last Updated: 2008/7/14
Public Hearing and Order to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with Tidewater, LLC, and the Tidewater Conservation Foundation regarding the use of the areas referred to as TF1 and TF2 on the Tidewater Master Plan and an amendment to the current permitted uses to allow an agricultural learning center in TF1.
At the May 27 meeting, the Council reviewed a revised Mitigation Plan to address mitigation of the TF1 conservation area due to the placement of an agricultural learning center.  The TCF was to provide an amended Mitigation Plan based on discussion at that meeting as well as a copy of the building assessment completed by Tidewater, LLC, for the farmhouse and barn on TF2.  Staff have prepared an amended MOU to include the following changes requested by Council.