Town Council Workshop Agenda
July 22, 2008
Falmouth Town Hall
Council Chambers - 7:00 PM

Agenda Item
Discussion about whether the Town should accept the wastewater collection system at Falmouth on the Green.
Report from the Green Ribbon Commission - current and future projects.
Report and update on the 2008 Revaluation.
Discussion on policy regarding consent agreements for existing buildings that do not meet property line setback requirements.
Status Discussion of Tidewater Memorandum of Understanding.
Tidewater LLC to present concept for amendment to the Tidewater Master Plan to accommodate garage units for the residential units on TV2.
Concept introduction by AT&T for a conditional rezoning under the Chapter 8, Article X of the Code of Ordinances for change of use from a Tier II tower to a Tier III tower on ML 356 US Rte.1 Map U53  Lot 004.
Review and discuss Council Retreat agenda.
Item 9
Review July 28, 2008 Council Agenda