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Community Programs Advisory Committee Minutes 09/15/2009
Parks and Community Programs Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes from 9/15/09
The meeting was called to order by Faith Varney at 4:05
Present: Faith Varney, Janet Lane Dye, Bonnie Troubh, Ana Gabor, Karen Jones, Steve Tenney, Lucky D’Ascanio, Jeff Mason, and Dominic Scette-Ducati
The Minutes from last meeting were reviewed and accepted.
Jeff Mason reported doing drainage work on some of the field and that the little league fields were closed because they were doing work on the pitchers mounds that is done about every five years. He also reported that the fields at the high school were available until about 10/22 and that there should be no problem with use during the fall classic.
Lucky stated that there has been renewed interest in updating the Falmouth trails guide as well as updating and continuing to improve on the current trails.
She also stated that the fall brochure has been out and there has been a lot of activity and sign ups are going strong. Lucky reported that they only had to cancel preschool Spanish and that they had to double the buses for the day trip to the water park in NH. The adult programming has been very strong as well. They had to add a second pastry class.
She also informed us that a week was added to the fall community soccer program to compensate for the Rosh Hashanah holiday that fell on one of the Saturdays.
Lucky attended the Parks Summit in Belfast on 8/1 but reported that it was not as well attended as hoped. She said there were some great ideas but feels the summit should be at another time of the year-not in the summer.
Steve Tenney reported that the last facilities planning meeting was in July and informed us that they have decided to move forward with plans to do initial diagrams and contacting appraisers for the various current properties that the town owns. He also reported that there has been talk to create some sort of teen center if a community center is planned. They feel the teens should have a say in how and what is created so they feel a sense of ownership in the project.
The current mode of thinking is that the library will be moved to Lunt and town Hall and Community Programs will be moved to Plummer-Motz. However, this is all preliminary. Steve emphasized that it is important to keep the public aware throughout the entire process.
Faith then went on to review the member terms and explained that Ana and Bonnie’s terms were up. Both expressed interest in continuing and this will be relayed to the Council Appointments Committee.
The meeting was adjourned at 5 pm


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