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One Falmouth Committee Annual Report 2010
One Falmouth Committee

Members: Will Armitage, Analiese Larson, Faith Varney, Beth Franklin, Nathan Poore, John McNaughton, Dan O’Shea, and Barbara Powers.

One Falmouth was created as a subcommittee by the Town Council in the spring of 2009. The subcommittee’s charge is to expand the collaboration between municipal and school departments while identifying areas for greater efficiency and improved business transactions. The Committee met five times in 2010.
2010 Accomplishments
  • The Town’s Community Programs Department successfully implemented a new program to manage the School Department’s Athletic & Activities Participation Program, including registration processing and fee collections.   
  • Reviewed Time Warner Cable Franchise Agreement with the Town for opportunities to combine town/school projects and services. The Committee did not find any opportunities that should be pursued at this time
  • Completed an analysis of town and school building and grounds maintenance operations. The Committee did not find any opportunities that should be pursued at this time.
  • Commissioned and accepted a comprehensive information technology collaboration and strategic planning study with the hope to find opportunities to find savings and develop a strategy for future investments and staffing. The report did not identify any savings through consolidation. The study offered recommendations to spend more money on infrastructure and increase technology support staffing at both the School Department and in Municipal operations. The Committee determined that adding staff is unrealistic at this time despite warranted needs.  
  • Developed, with staff, a new Freedom of Information Access Act Protocol that established a process for managing requests for public information. The Protocol is consistent with State laws.
  • Developed, with staff, a new process to enhance communication and collaboration between School Department and Municipal operations staff. The new process establishes three Shared Leadership Teams: Management/Finance, Grounds/Facilities, and Technology. The Teams are expected to meet four times each year and discuss shared opportunities in areas that could help better serve the public. Discussion points are to include, by way of example: capital planning, purchasing, staffing, training and mutual operations.
2011 Goals
  • Develop a school capital improvement plan that has a format similar to the town’s capital improvement plan; such plans will then offer greater long range planning and collaboration between the town and school departments. The Committee recommended that the school capital improvement plan should be incorporated into the overall town/school capital improvement plan.
  • Monitor the new Share Leadership Team model and recommend enhancements where applicable.
  • Develop a combined master vendor list and contract management system.  

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