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List of Planning Documents
The files listed below are in chronological order. Please contact Theo Holtwijk (, 699-5340) if you do not see what you are looking for. Thank you.

ROUTE ONE PROJECT (zoning and infrastructure)

This is the executive summary of the final report of the Route One Corridor Committee which was not accepted by the Town Council. It also contains several maps, comparison chart and sample cross sections.

These are the proposed zoning amendments that were part of the final report. These have not been adopted.

This is the PowerPoint presentation the Route One Corridor Committee gave to the Town Council. Note: This is a 10 MB file. Please be patient.

These are illustrated comments by former Town Planner George Thebarge regarding the Committee's report.

This is a PowerPoint presentation that looked at the 2005 plan, its vision, its recommendations, and current conditions on Route One in 2008. Note: This is a 13 MB file. Please be patient.

This memo outlines several components of the 2005 Route One Study:
a. traffic management
b. design guidelines
c. permitted and conditional uses
d. development thresholds (i.e. large scale vs. small scale)
e. market analysis/Route One North,
along with highlights of pros and cons of choosing a particular direction, and staff recommendation for each.

This is a summary of the November 3, 2008 CDC meeting.

This is an e-mail memo in anticipation of the December 1, 2008 CDC meeting where the existing guidelines were discussed.

This is an outline that lists section headings of the existing design guidelines as well as the 2005 proposed design guidelines.

This is a memo to the CDC that describes status updates on various aspects of the Route One Study.

This is a summary of the conclusions by the CDC regarding the performance of the existing design guidelines.

This is a memo containing an overview of the project as well as the associated details to date.

This is a staff memo that illustrates the four "vision" options for Route One regarding building setback and parking. (6.9 MB file. Please be patient.)

This is a staff memo that reviews height of buildings along Route One. (2.8 MB file. Please be patient.)

This is a staff memo that reviews landscaping and walkability along Route One. (8.8 MB file. Please be patient.)

This memo contains the draft CDC vision for Route One and key design concepts it may be recommending to the Town Council. This memo is currently in review.

The July 13, 2010 CDC Meeting materials consist of a staff memo, dated July 6, 2010, and a revised Route Vision Memo for the Town Council, dated May 21, 2010. Revisions are highlighted in yellow.

Final Key Concepts Memo from CDC to Town Council, September 20, 2010, and Council Presentation, September 27, 2010

Next CDC Steps Memo, Draft October 21, 2010

Business and Community Outreach, Memo from Community Developement Committee, January 6, 2011

Route One South Survey Instrument, January 6-17, 2011 (Note: This survey is closed.)

Results from Route One South Survey, January 18, 2011:
Summary results (10-page report with 332 responses, incl. 34 businesses responses below)
Comments received (29-page report with 563 comments)
Business results (15-page report with 34 responses)

CDC Recommendations for Town Council, dated January 20, 2011

Proposed Route One Infrastructure Plan, Staff Memo, dated March 10, 2011

Request for Proposals for Route One Infrastructure Enhancement Plan, deadline for proposal submission is September 7, 2011

Existing Conditions Techical Memorandum, TY Lin, Draft March 16, 2012
Note: This is the complete draft chapter 1 of the Infrastructure Plan. It is a 18 MB, 65-page document (see also excerpt document below).

This is a 7-page excerpt, which contains questions, key issues, and conclusions regarding the transportation infrastructure, utility infrastructure, and streetscape sections.

This is the complete grant application with the State Planning Office. This application was fully funded.

Future Conditions Technical Memorandum, TY Lin, Draft May 10, 2012
        Note: This is the complete draft chapter 2 of the Infrastructure Plan.


This is a conceptual site plan for the Falmouth Shopping Center which shows three unbuilt buildings along Route One.

This is a PowerPoint presentation that presents an opportunity for the Town and the Owners of the Falmouth Shopping Center to collaborate on development of a mutually-acceptable Master Plan.

This a memo from the Owners' representative providing the go-ahead for a public charrette.

This is a revised proposal from Mark Eyerman, the consultant hired by the Town to help organize and facilitate the charrette.

This is a memo from Mark Eyerman that outlines a to-do list as well as discusses exercises 1 and 2.

This is a memo from Mark Eyerman that presents a revised script for exercises 1 and 2.

This is a memo from Mark Eyerman containing an updated approach to the charrette, required preparations, and a revised script for exercises 1 and 2.

This is a compilation of revised materials from Mark Eyerman, containing a memo on exercise #1, contents of exercise #1, exercise #2, and a memo on basic patterns of development with some hand-drawn sketches.

This is the final 2-page event announcement.

        This is a 9-minute video produced by the Town of Falmouth

November 14, 2009 Community Event Materials - Some of these files are large. Please be patient.
        Meeting Agenda
        PowerPoint: Framing the Issues, Theo Holtwijk
        PowerPoint: Orientation to the FSC Property, Andrew Gilmore and Brad Mezquita
        Video: Site Walk-About, Town of Falmouth
        Intro Keypad: Information about Participants + Map
        Keypad 1: Turnpike Ramp + Explanation + Images
        Small Group Exercises
                Exercise 1: Vision for Use/Development
                Exercise 2: Large-Scale Retail Considerations
        Keypad 2: Use Considerations + Images
        Keypad 3: Development Concepts + Images
        Keypad 4: Height and Scale Considerations + Images
        Keypad: Charrette Evaluation
        PowerPoint: Wrap-Up and Next Steps

A Video of the November 14 Community Event is available to watch online. (It is a 2.5 hour program.) Please click below if the link above does not work:
As of November 19, 2009 and for a limited time, this program is also playing every night at 9:30pm on cable channel 2.

This memo contains recommendations for key design guidelines that new development at the Falmouth Shopping Center should adhere to.

This is a letter which includes recommendations for collaboratively developing a master plan for the site and key design guidelines that new development at the Falmouth Shopping Center should adhere to.


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