Reading Suggestions for April 22, 2010 Meeting
On April 8, 2010, LPAC+ asked staff to recommend what it should read at a minimum. Here are some suggestions:
1. The current Comprehensive Plan 2000.
There are two documents, both would be good to see:
- The official plan (11 by 17). It takes a minute or so to download this plan!
2. Goals and policies from the Comprehensive Plan 2000: See Appendix 1A and 1B to the January 11, 2010 staff memo.
3. The status of the recommended actions from the Comprehensive Plan 2000
5. To get an idea what the typical contents of Comprehensive Plan is, read this chapter from a State manual.
Other materials that you may be interested in include:
Two Falmouth reports that may come into play:
- Green Ribbon Commission Report (not yet adopted by Town Council. See last link at recent Council agenda for the latest draft report.)
If you like quick tips to make plan updates more effective, you may enjoy browsing through this State report Updating your Comprehensive Plan.
If you are interested in "visioning," here is SPO's Community Visioning Handbook.