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Town of Falmouth, Maine
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Information for May 13, 2010 Meeting
Reading List
The Committee requests that each member read the following materials prior to the May 13 meeting:
- Comprehensive Plan 2000 (11 by 17 plan) - this takes some time to download.
- Comprehensive Plan 2000 - Community Planning and Public Participation (8.5 by 11 document)
- Implementation Status Report (appendix 2 from Theo's memo)
- Council Feedback (Feb. 2010)
- Update Recommendation #1 (see excerpt titled "Take a hard look at your existing plan" on page 51)
Homework Assignment for May 13 Meeting
1. Get, or Pick-Up at Town Hall, one or more sets of large sticky notes (I am copying Melissa Tryon so she has a supply on hand);
2. Read through the documents listed above;
3. Write down on a sticky note ANY question, comments, or observation that comes to your mind pertaining what you read (anything goes!);
4. Use just one comment/thought per sticky note;
5. Note the chapter and document that this comment/question pertains to in top left;
6. Place your initials in bottom right;
7. Bring your post-it notes with you to the May 13 meeting;
8. At the meeting place your notes on the sheets that we will hang on the wall by chapter/document. We will create two categories - Questions and Comments - for each sheet.
9. Be prepared to briefly report on your comment/question as we review each chapter.
10. Please write legible as we will transcribe your comments after the meeting.
Chair and Vice Chair
At the May 13 meeting we hope to select a chair and vice chair, so please think if this is something you are interested in.
See Update Recommendation  pages 24 and 69 for quick advice what a chair role might entail.


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